We offer the best quality woollen bedding products at economic prices. Wool insulates against both heat and cold and allows the skin moisture, that occurs while we sleep, to be evaporated. Arthritic clients state that mattress toppers relieve arthritic pain and provide a much more restful sleep



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The duvets come in king, queen, double and twin sizes. They are filled with woollen knobs which allow for the natural qualities of wool to be appreciated.

We also sell top quality white goose down duvets at the same price as our wool duvets.

Dry cleaning recommended for these items.


King $225, Queen $195, Double $175, Twin $150


Mattress Toppers:


We use our mattress toppers winter and summer because of the absorbent quality of pure wool. We use 100% cotton sheets to allow for maximum 'woolen qualities' to be appreciated (i.e. warmth, air conditioning and release of perspiration that occurs naturally as we sleep).


King $250, Queen $199, Double $175, Twin $135




wool_pillows.jpg (3404 bytes)The wool knobs in these pillows has the same qualities as our other bedding products and nicely nestles around sore necks and shoulders.

Queen size    $35




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